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Class BountyToken


  • Model<BountyTokenMethods>
    • BountyToken





_contract: Web3Contract<BountyTokenMethods, any>
abi: AbiItem[]
contractAddress?: string


  • get account(): Account
  • Returns the Account associated with this connection

    Returns Account

  • get web3(): default
  • Returns the Web3 class assigned to this connection

    Returns default


  • _governor(): Promise<string>
  • _proposedGovernor(): Promise<string>
  • approve(to: string, tokenId: number): Promise<any>
  • awardBounty(to: string, uri: string, bountyId: number, percentage: number): Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>
  • balanceOf(owner: string): Promise<number>
  • baseURI(): Promise<string>
  • Returns the base URI set via {_setBaseURI}. This will be automatically added as a prefix in {tokenURI} to each token's URI, or to the token ID if no specific URI is set for that token ID.

    Returns Promise<string>

  • claimGovernor(): Promise<any>
  • connect(): Promise<boolean>
  • deploy(deployOptions: DeployOptions, account?: Account): Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>
  • Deploy the loaded abi contract


    • deployOptions: DeployOptions
    • Optional account: Account

    Returns Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>

  • deployJsonAbi(name_: string, symbol_: string, dispatcher_?: string): Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>
  • dispatcher(): Promise<string>
  • getApprovalEvents(filter: PastEventOptions): Promise<XEvents<ApprovalEvent>[]>
  • getApprovalForAllEvents(filter: PastEventOptions): Promise<XEvents<ApprovalForAllEvent>[]>
  • getApproved(tokenId: number): Promise<string>
  • getBountyToken(id: number): Promise<{ bountyConnector: { bountyId: number; percentage: number } }>
  • getGovernorTransferredEvents(filter: PastEventOptions): Promise<XEvents<GovernorTransferredEvent>[]>
  • getTransferEvents(filter: PastEventOptions): Promise<XEvents<TransferEvent>[]>
  • isApprovedForAll(owner: string, operator: string): Promise<boolean>
  • loadAbi(): void
  • loadContract(): void
  • name(): Promise<string>
  • ownerOf(tokenId: number): Promise<string>
  • proposeGovernor(proposedGovernor: string): Promise<any>
  • safeTransferFrom(from: string, to: string, tokenId: number, _data?: string): Promise<any>
  • See {IERC721-safeTransferFrom}.


    • from: string
    • to: string
    • tokenId: number
    • Optional _data: string

    Returns Promise<any>

  • sendTx(method: ContractSendMethod, value?: any): Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>
  • Interact with, or change a value of, a property on the contract


    • method: ContractSendMethod
    • Optional value: any

    Returns Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>

  • sendUnsignedTx(method: ContractSendMethod, value?: any, __namedParameters?: Partial<Web3ConnectionOptions>): Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>
  • setApprovalForAll(operator: string, approved: boolean): Promise<any>
  • setDispatcher(dispatcher: string): Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>
  • start(): Promise<void>
  • supportsInterface(interfaceId: string): Promise<boolean>
  • See {IERC165-supportsInterface}. Time complexity O(1), guaranteed to always use less than 30 000 gas.


    • interfaceId: string

    Returns Promise<boolean>

  • symbol(): Promise<string>
  • tokenByIndex(index: number): Promise<number>
  • tokenOfOwnerByIndex(owner: string, index: number): Promise<number>
  • tokenURI(tokenId: number): Promise<string>
  • totalSupply(): Promise<number>
  • transferFrom(from: string, to: string, tokenId: number): Promise<any>

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