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_contract: Web3Contract<LoopholeMethods, any>
_erc20: ERC20
_ethUtils: ETHUtils
_ownable: Ownable
abi: AbiItem[]
contractAddress?: string
ethUtilsAddress?: string
lpTokenAddress?: string
swapRouterAddress?: string


  • get account(): Account
  • Returns the Account associated with this connection

    Returns Account

  • get web3(): default
  • Returns the Web3 class assigned to this connection

    Returns default


  • LPtokensPerShareMultiplier(): Promise<number>
  • add(token: string, allocPoint: number): Promise<number>
  • collectRewards(pid: number): Promise<number>
  • connect(): Promise<boolean>
  • currentStake(pid: number, user: string): Promise<number>
  • deploy(deployOptions: DeployOptions, account?: Account): Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>
  • Deploy the loaded abi contract


    • deployOptions: DeployOptions
    • Optional account: Account

    Returns Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>

  • deployJsonAbi(_swapRouter: string, _lpToken: string, _lpTokensPerBlock: number, _startBlock: number, _exitPenalty: number, _exitPenaltyLP: number): Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>
  • Parameters

    • _swapRouter: string
    • _lpToken: string
    • _lpTokensPerBlock: number
    • _startBlock: number
    • _exitPenalty: number
    • _exitPenaltyLP: number

    Returns Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>

  • earnings(pid: number, user: string): Promise<number>
  • exit(amount: number, pid?: number, amountOutMinimum?: number): Promise<number>
  • Parameters

    • amount: number
    • Optional pid: number
    • Optional amountOutMinimum: number

    Returns Promise<number>

  • exitPenalty(): Promise<number>
  • exitPenaltyLP(): Promise<number>
  • getBlockNumber(): Promise<number>
  • getBlockTimestamp(): Promise<number>
  • getBlocksFromRange(from: number, to: number): Promise<number>
  • getEntryStakeAdjusted(pid: number, user: string): Promise<number>
  • getPoolReward(pid: number): Promise<string>
  • getTotalEntryStakeUser(pid: number, user: string): Promise<number>
  • getTotalUnstakeUser(pid: number, user: string): Promise<number>
  • getUserReward(pid: number, userAddress: string): Promise<number>
  • loadAbi(): void
  • loadContract(): Promise<void>
  • lpToken(): Promise<string>
  • lpTokensPerBlock(): Promise<string>
  • massUpdatePools(): Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>
  • owner(): Promise<string>
  • poolExists(v1: string): Promise<boolean>
  • poolsCount(): Promise<number>
  • sendTx(method: ContractSendMethod, value?: any): Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>
  • Interact with, or change a value of, a property on the contract


    • method: ContractSendMethod
    • Optional value: any

    Returns Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>

  • sendUnsignedTx(method: ContractSendMethod, value?: any, __namedParameters?: Partial<Web3ConnectionOptions>): Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>
  • set(pid: number, allocPoint: number, withUpdate: boolean): Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>
  • Parameters

    • pid: number
    • allocPoint: number
    • withUpdate: boolean

    Returns Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>

  • stake(pid: number, amount: number): Promise<TransactionReceipt<any>>
  • start(): Promise<void>
  • startBlock(): Promise<number>
  • swapRouter(): Promise<string>
  • totalAllocPoint(): Promise<number>
  • uniswapPoolFee(): Promise<undefined>

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