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dappkit - SDK for Web3.0

dappkit is a curated framework so that you can automate creation and unit testing, javascript wrappers, and extended integration just by writing solidity - a tool built with Truffle (integrates compiling in solc together in your Smart Contracts) & Open Zeppelin (provides trustable, audited & tested Smart Contracts) already integrated, solving a very simple problem: velocity in solidity development.

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$ npm install @taikai/dappkit


import {Web3Connection, Web3ConnectionOptions, ERC20} from '@taikai/dappkit';

const options: Web3ConnectionOptions = { web3Host: process.env.WEB3_HOST_PROVIDER };
const web3Connection = new Web3Connection(options);

await web3Connection.start(); // start web3 connection so assignments are made
await web3Connection.connect(); // connect web3 by asking the user to allow the connection (this is needed for the user to _interact_ with the chain)

const erc20Deployer = new ERC20(web3Connection);
await erc20Deployer.loadAbi(); // load abi contract is only needed for deploy actions

const tx =
await erc20Deployer.deployJsonAbi(
'Token Name', // the name of the token
'$tokenSymbol', // the symbol of the token
"1000000000000000000000000", // the total amount of the token (with 18 decimals; 1M = 1000000000000000000000000)
await erc20Deployer.connection.getAddress() // the owner of the total amount of the tokens (your address)

console.log(tx); // { ... , contractAddress: string}

const myToken = new ERC20(web3Connection, tx.contractAddress);

await myToken.start() // load contract and connection into the class representing your token

await myToken.transferTokenAmount('0xYourOtherAddress', 1); // transfer 1 token from your address to other address

Please refer to the test/ folder to read further usage examples of the various contracts available.


How to Generate Documentation

You can generate the documentation locally by issuing

$ npm run docs

and then serving the docs/ folder as a root http-server.


Contributions are welcomed, but we ask that you read existing code guidelines, specially the code format. Please review Contributor guidelines




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